Pre-Conference Workshop: Smart and Connected Health: Getting Support for Your Research

In these tight fiscal times, researchers have to be innovative in their science, as well as well as in their funding sources. This workshop will provide information to researchers — from those seeking their first grant to seasoned investigators — on funding options at the NIH and NSF. These workshops will explore grant writing specifics for the two agencies, current opportunities, and how to frame scientific ideas to fit within the different funding cultures.  Participants will also get the opportunity to discuss their projects with NIH and NSF program staff.

This workshop will be offered on Wednesday, October 29th in both the morning and afternoon workshop sessions.

This workshop will be led by:  Mary Rodgers, PhD, Senior Advisor for Bioengineering, NIH; Tiffani Lash, PhD, Program Director, Division Of Discovery Science & Technology, NIH; and Hsinchun Chen, PhD, Lead Program Director, National Science Foundation (NSF) Smart and Connected Health Program