The Wireless Health Scientific Conference was established in 2010 to provide the highest profile academic and industrial research forum for the field of Wireless Health. The mission of the Wireless Health conference is to provide the highest‐quality academic, health and industrial research forum to develop an international community that will accelerate the development and adoption of new technologies for improving health and lowering costs. Central to this mission is the creation of a nurturing research forum that communicates the latest developments in the field, creates an opportunity for trans-disciplinary collaboration, and provides an archival venue for the progress being achieved. This unique meeting brings together members of the medical and health research community, device manufacturers, clinical and health service providers, government leaders, and policy makers. Wireless Health 2015 will offer an outstanding set of peer‐reviewed papers and abstracts, interactive workshops, emerging application demonstrations, and world‐renowned invited speakers.

WLSA’s Robert McCray hosts a panel on Wireless Health on the Go, featuring speakers from Ford, Medtronic, and WellDoc.

The fifth annual Wireless Health conference, hosted by the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health, will build upon the successes of past conferences. Wireless Health 2015 will again offer an outstanding set of peer-reviewed papers and abstracts, interactive workshops, emerging application demonstrations, topical panel discussions, and world-renowned invited speakers. The program format will include presentations followed by poster sessions and breakout sessions for attendees to interact directly with presenters, in addition to expert panel discussions and tutorial sessions with leading industrial and clinical organizations.
Wireless Health 2015 will provide a critical networking opportunity that links each of the Wireless Health communities and organizations – ranging from the academic, engineering, health and industry communities to the federal, regulatory and standards communities – together in one forum. It also provides a valuable and timely education event that informs each of the communities about opportunities that occur in this new field combining health, wireless technology, information technology, mobile technology and a broad set of new products and services.